Saigon Private Tour Guide

Dear Our Value Customers, is a member of Vietnam Tours Saigon Travel Company.
We are a group of passionate young Vietnamese who live in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Because we love the place we live in so much, we want to share that love with you, the international friends.

SaigonPrivateTourGuide slogan is “Go Local”. We always try our best to aim to this way to make you enjoy our services like local people. So, our staff and tour guides always listen and adjust the itineraries as your requests on the tour way.
 We offer fully private tour service and take care of our customers personally and professionally. We TAILOR - MADE and CUSTOMIZE the itinerary to meet your comfort and to make your travel become unique, memorable!

You will learn the southern Vietnamese history and culture, taste the most authentic Saigon cuisine, set foot on places you never think Saigon would have, and see life here through pristine local eyes.

"When you are in Vietnam do as Vietnamese do" We would love to explain to you What? Why ? and How ? to do as we do!!! . After the tour, you will have a lot of wonderful things to "put" in your pockets and bring back home!!!

If you are keen on trying new things, We will bring you to try local food and explore the city by local way. You are in my "deserving list" to enjoy the best of the best food in our country!
In short, we will make sure that your experience is not only the best for international travelers but to the locals as well.
Thank you from our hearts!!!


Contact us if you have any questions about us, our tours, or any matter regarding traveling in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City or Viet Nam. +84 973655154
Saigon Private Tour Guide